Friday, July 6, 2012

"Healthy" Chocolate Sauce

A few weeks ago my husband came out of the kitchen sporting the evil scientist laugh.  "MWAHAHAHAHA!" What had he created now? Healthy chocolate sauce!  I realize this may not be a new concept to the world (according to Google), but do you think my husband would research recipes online? ...I don't think so.  He did this all-by-him-self.
Get this: It's easy  
2 parts Cocoa Powder
3 parts Agave Nectar 

Mix the parts together...
keep mixing...keep mixing...that's right, you're getting there. 
And finally! The Agave bursts through and you have a lovely sauce.  
If this is too "dark" for your taste, just add more Agave.

How do you use it?
Chocolate Milk
Add a dash of salt a splash of vanilla for Hot Chocolate
Drizzle on pancakes, cakes, cookies, pies brownies, etc...

What will you use it for?  Please leave comments. I would LOVE to know!

If Agave Nectar is new to you. Check out some really interesting info HERE about it.  Long story short: It's better for you than sugar in almost any form.


  1. Kudos for you Jamie. You are always trying to be healthy.

  2. It's my new "thing". =) I'm trying to make up for the 30 something years of my life that I hadn't given it much thought. ;)