Thursday, September 29, 2011

Window Cleaner

Back in the 70's when I was at Ricks College (you know it as BYU-Idaho) I had to make a presentation in one of my classes.  This was videotaped so that we could see ourselves in action, teaching something.  Complete with a flip mirror above my head so that the camera and audience could get a better view of what I was doing, I demonstrated how to make homemade window cleaner.  That was a fun assignment and I, of course, aced it!  In another class we all contributed tips, articles, ideas, etc. to help build each other's Personal File.  That is where I got this "recipe" and no I do not remember who it came from.  I have used this cleaner, off and on, for years.

2 tablespoons NON-sudsing ammonia
1 teaspoon liquid detergent
1 pint rubbing alcohol
1 gallon container
   food coloring

1.  Add the first 3 ingredient to the gallon container, then fill with water. 
2.  Color to preference.

TIP--I would be careful with which color you choose.  Blue would be an obvious choice.  Pink or Purple might be too enticing for a little child who doesn't know better and wants to check out the pretty water...Mine is light purple but I don't have small ones at home, until the grandson comes over and then I just make sure he doesn't have access.


  1. Coolio! Do you just use laundry detergent? And can you get the ammonia at Wally World?

  2. I think that's probably dish detergent? I may have to try this. We just use a mixture of vinegar and water.

  3. You know what's funny? I have always just used dish detergent because I make this in the kitchen, but it could be laundry detergent. Who knows? Yes, you can get the ammonia at Walmarts!