Thursday, May 10, 2012

Save the Cilantro!

How much fresh cilantro have you had to throw out because it went bad before you could use the whole bunch? Me, too.  I hated that!  Then one day I was watching Emeril Live when a viewer shared a great cilantro tip...

1.  Coarsely chop the fresh cilantro.
2.  Place loosely in sections of ice cube tray.
3.  Fill each section with water.
4.  Place in freezer until frozen.
5.  Pop cilantro cubes out of tray and place in a plastic, zippered freezer bag.

Now you have fresh cilantro to put in soup, salsa, etc., and none goes to the trash can or down the garbage disposal.  Holla!

Source: Emeril Live


  1. How do you use the cilantro in salsa w/o watering it down?

  2. There is really more cilantro than water in each cube. When I make the salsa I thaw out the cilantro cubes and frozen, roasted jalapenos for less than a minute and throw it in the food processor. Since I add a little water to thin out the salsa anyway the extra liquid from thawing out the cilantro is no problem.

  3. This can also be done with basil.