Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cooking Pasta

I was hanging out at my good friend Susan's house and we were, of  course, in the kitchen.  I was looking through a pasta cookbook that she has and found these instructions for cooking pasta.  This is the only way I will cook pasta now!  So easy and you don't have to throw those noodles up against the wall to see if they will stick--who still does that?  Come on, 'fess up!

Photo by Suat Eman/

1.  Bring 4 quarts of water to a rolling boil.
2.  Add desired amount of salt and pasta (you could put a little olive oil in if you are worried that it will stick).
3.  Stir pasta, constantly, for 2 minutes.
4.  Put lid on pot and remove from heat. 
5.  Set your timer for 10 minutes and go work on the rest of your meal.
6. After 10 minutes, drain your pasta and it is ready to rock and roll!

Here's another tip:  get a pasta pot with the removable strainer.  It is well worth it and can be used for other things like boiling potatoes, corn, just about anything that you would need to drain water off of.  Seriously...I love mine.


  1. I use the same sort of method for boiling eggs. I'll have to try it with pasta. And I WANT one of those pots.

  2. I do too! I copied Mom's instructions for boiling eggs. No greenish gray color around the yolks. Love it. Bought my pot at Walmart--Tramontina brand.