Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Two Great Responsibilities

My church calling is a Relief Society teacher.  I LOVE it!  Once a month, I get to teach certain modern-day-prophet-inspired gospel lessons to a class full of wonderful spiritual women.  The lessons I am currently teaching are from the Relief Society lesson manual, 'Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith.'  It can be found here and is a wonderful reference and source of guidance:
During my next lesson, I get to teach about individual responsibility.  As children of a loving Heavenly Father, we have the obligation to focus on our personal salvation and to help bring others into the light and knowledge of the Lord's church.
Joseph Fielding Smith states, "We have these two great responsibilities. … First, to seek our own salvation; and, second, our duty to our fellow men. Now I take it that my first duty is, so far as I am individually concerned, to seek my own salvation. That is your individual duty first, and so with every member of this Church.
Our first concern should be our own salvation. We should seek every gospel blessing for ourselves. We should be baptized and enter into the order of celestial marriage so that we can become inheritors in the fulness of our Father’s kingdom. Then we should be concerned about our families, our children, and our ancestors.
It is … our duty to save the world, the dead as well as the living. We are saving the living who will repent by preaching the gospel among the nations and gathering out the children of Israel, the honest in heart. We are saving the dead by going into the house of the Lord and performing these ceremonies—baptism, the laying on of hands, confirmation, and such other things as the Lord requires at our hands—in their behalf.
It is my duty, as it is your duty, my brethren and my sisters likewise—for responsibility is placed also upon you—to do the very best that is within our power, and not to shirk, but endeavor with all our soul to magnify the callings the Lord has given us, to labor diligently for the salvation of our own house, each one of us, and for the salvation of our neighbors, the salvation of those who are abroad."

So, please take the time to focus on your personal salvation today.  Make it a priority.  Once you have secured your personal testimony, you will be more capable to fulfill the second great responsibility--to save the world.

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