Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mormon Morsels: Looking Through Windows

I remember hearing President Thomas S. Monson tell this story at a recent General Conference.  I remember feeling both sides of it too.  I have been "in the kitchen", looking through the dirty window...not knowing I had cleaning to do on my side of things.  I have also been "hanging laundry", working hard but being misunderstood.

I think we have probably all "been there" on both sides.  But even when we have been the laundry hangers and have felt what it is like to be misjudged, we still struggle sometimes to not be the woman peering through the kitchen window.

Being aware of our own imperfections and weaknesses (being humble) can help us to overcome unrighteous judgement.  We all have our pet peeves and we are quick to find those pet peeves alive and well in others; but we fail to realize, sometimes, that others have pet peeves too.  And we are probably poster children for those pet peeves!

It's interesting to me that the woman in the story would have found out very quickly that her dirty windows were to blame if she had simply gone next door to visit her neighbor....


  1. I remember this story too. It got quite a chuckle from the congregation, but how true the lesson is. Hmmm...I need some Windex and a paper towel...